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Professional repair of washing machines (refrigerator, conditioner, gas boiler) in Tbilisi at home

Our experience and availability of spare parts ensure reliable and affordable to repair Your washing machine (tel 568-30-39-40). We have in stock new parts (heater, pump, belt, brush, etc.) washing machine brands: ZanussiCandyAristonIndesitElectrolux,ZanussiLGSamsungWhirlpoolBoschBekoVestel, Hansa, Stilens. Our goal is to give Your assistant a SECOND LIFE. Departure of the repairman in Tbilisi (tel 568-30-39-40on the house.

Major renovations from 30 lari (depending on model)
replacing tena washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
replacement pump washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
belt replacement washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
replacement pressostat washing machines - see the SYMPTOM
valve replacement washing machines - see the SYMPTOM
the repair module of the washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
replacing bearings on a washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
replacement brushes for the motor see the SYMPTOM
replacement of cuffs of the washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
lock replacement (UBL) washing machine - see the SYMPTOM
the elimination of the siphon effect - see the SYMPTOM
Repair other widespread damage from gel 10.

Served in Tbilisi: Vake (ვაკე), Saburtalo (საბურთალო), Isani (ისანი), Samgori (სამგორი), Didube (დიდუბე), Chugureti (ჩუღურეთი), Krtsanisi (კრწანისი), Mtatsminda (მთაწმინდა), Gldani (გლდანი), Nadzaladevi (ნაძალადევი).

Below is information on failures of the washing machine and guidance on how to repair a washing machine yourself. Please note that this guide is General in nature, it does not refer to a particular model of SMA and accurate determination of fault could give the master of washing machines. Always remember, safety first so disconnect from the mains supply the washing machine before attempting any repairs. Alternatively, type in Google search: washing machine repair in Tbilisi.

ремонт стиральных машин Тбилиси
My washing machine smells bad, what can I do to solve this problem?
Fairly common problem as people use low temperature washing. This allows the bacteria to accumulate inside the washing machine and ultimately leads to an unpleasant smell from the washing machine. Increase the temperature of washing. After washing wipe dry with a cuff and leave the door ajar.

My washing machine is very noisy, what's the problem?
Something stuck in the drum, for example, a bone from a bra, coin or the like. Some machines have removable blades of the drum that You get access to the stuck object. But very often You can get access to the stuck object through the hole of the Heater or the drain hole in the tank toAK alternative option to eliminate this "failure" type in Google search: washing machine repair in Tbilisi. Wear of bearings can also cause noise. If you turn the drum by hand and hear the "rumbling noise", it is very likely that the faulty bearings or they will fail.

Тбилиси ремонт стиральных машин недорого

My washing machine does not drain, what do I do?
Don't panic, the easiest way to drain the water from the washing machine if it is full of water, lower the drain hose into a basin of water by gravity and merge into him. The problem is most often solved by cleaning the filter.

The drum of my washing machine is not spinning, what's the problem?
Most of the problems with the lack of rotation of the drum can be relatively easily solved, as the cause of many of them is a violation of the operating instructions. The first and most obvious reason: You are trying to wash a little Laundry? All modern machines have a so-called sensors balance. These sensors will interpret a small weight as a potential risk as the washing machine can get out of balance leading to excessive vibration, which threatens damage to the location of the SMA and the load on the bearing and a drum. Upload the amount of linen that is recommended by the manual and try again. The same problem may occur if you put too much Laundry in the washing machine. Correctly running drain? If the washing machine cannot drain the water, then the drum will not spin for safety reasons. Verify that the pump well is leaking water, check the filter if one is fitted, it is usually located at the bottom of the machine. For worn brushes engine? Many machines have a commutator motor with brushes, these brushes with long operation wear out and the engine begins to lose performance, not working or working slower than one would expect. Problem solved by replacing the brushes, but remember that it must be changed to a multilayer brush otherwise the engine will not last long. Another reason may be the fact that fell off the belt or it broke. Put the strap in place or replace it.

indesit ремонт недорогоMy washing machine reports an error code, what do I do?
Fault code, usually displayed either in the form of seemingly meaningless letters on the digital display or a series of flashes led ceiling lin ( LED) and is intended for the service of the masters, giving insight into the nature of the problem. Error codes are very diverse and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model, so here it is possible to offer only General guidelines, the error codes can be viewed on this website.

My washing machine is Bouncing, what do I do?
Check the installation, make sure that the machine is completely level and that removed the transit bolts. In addition, if the machine is operated for several years, check counterweights and dampers that connect the drum and the machine frame.

My washing machine won't open the door, what do I do?
If there is water then there is a possibility that the door lock will not open to prevent any possible threat of flooding. This is perfectly normal and the reason is that the working of the safety device of the door lock. If after draining the water the car would not unlock the door, it usually indicates a fault in the door lock mechanism, replace it. ToAK alternative option to eliminate this "failure" type in Google search: washing machine repair Tbilisi and call of the master.

There are other problems, but without a diagnosis and a call to service for their hard to solve.


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